What this lady teacher done after sending her nude photos accidentally to her student

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Capturing images,videos and sharing them with our friends and beloved ones are common now-a-days and that’s a kind of happiness.Exchanging the nude images and sexy text  messages between lovers are become quite cool and that is totally another way of happiness.But If those images and videos shares wrongly with wrong people it makes our character bad even though we are good at character. Imagine what happens next.The same thing is what this university Professor did.

One of her students gave her his mobile number so that the two could message forward and backward about class, yet she got it mixed up with her boyfriend’s number. At last this student got shocked after watching such kind of pics from his teacher.

She was sending her nude photos to her boy friend,unexpectedly sent it to one of his student who was his boy friend name sake.A college student named Mike is currently the jealousy of the world – all since he shares the same first name as his professor’s boyfriend.Mike said that toward the begin of the semester, his teacher had shared her personal mobile phone number with her students to answer quick questions on assignments after college hours.

Finally she got stunned and couldn’t wait to meet him tonight.She offered the student she would give him a A class in her subject if  he delete the images and didn’t reveal this to anybody in the college. The student understood her mistake, she promised to give Mike an “A” for her class.  After all the suspense, the student agreed to delete the photos and the lady professor fulfilled her promise.

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