What Are The Disadvantages Of Wearing Smart Watches

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one of the major complaints I’ve been hearing is regarding the actual accuracy of the physiological measurements. It seems that many smartwatches just haven’t been able to retrieve the data to sufficient accuracy. Sensors will need to be better positioned/used and data better analyzed.

since the smartwatch is still a concept in development and fairly new to the market, I’ve been hearing a lot about usability drawbacks. Whether it be the fact that the smartwatch is not comfortable or that the UX is just not right. Since we are discussing such a personalized and frequently used instrument OEMs will have to learn very quickly how to adjust any usability issues because this parameter is key for adoption. People do not want to feel that smartwatch is an obtrusive alien object on their wrist, rather an extension of themselves.

Anything that has to do with charging and battery life seems to be a frequently discussed issue. OEMs will have to see how they extend the smartwatch battery life all the while they provide a natural charging solution. I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints of uncomfortable dongles and other charging cables that just aren’t right. This is where my company becomes relevant with a wireless charging solution for wearables (Humavox – Wireless Charging Solution) . It is inevitable that wireless charging will be integrated into wearables in my opinion because the current alternatives (cables/dongles/other weird attempts) are simply annoying to users — also in order to create a truly waterproof smartwatch the USB port needs to be eliminated altogether.

There are also many disadvantages to owning a smart watch. Since this emerging technology is so new there a very little things it can do at the moment. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is one of the first smart watch models available but one of the biggest issues is battery life. The main problem with battery life is how often you will have to take your smart watch off to charge. Also the screens will go to sleep to try and save battery so getting it to tell time is sometimes very awkward. “To conserve battery life, the Gear screen goes dark when not in use. It’s supposed to awaken when you lift your arm, but sometimes I had to shake my wrist vigorously to rouse it.”  (Jaroslovsky, 2013) If the Gear is constantly turning off to conserve battery is it really that efficient to use?

Another disadvantage of owning a smart watch is there are a limited number of phones and tablets that are compatible with the smart watches out today. Certain smart watch companies design watches that will only synchronize to a certain model of phone or tablet, like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and that phone or tablet could often be very pricey. “The only phone it works with right now is the Android-based Note 3, which costs $300 on a two-year contract from AT&T and Verizon, $250 at Sprint and $708 contract free from T-Mobile.”  (Jaroslovsky, 2013) Pebble is guaranteeing their smart watch model will be able to connect with most smart phones on the market today. That includes the iPhone, who have yet to have a compatible smart watch model but Apple is currently designing one.

Another disadvantage of smart watches is if smart watches grow in popularity then they will take sales and jobs away from smart phone companies. When a smart watch is synchronized with a tablet it can easily receive all your notifications and make your calls while your tablet sits comfortable in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. “Paired with a good smart watch, a tablet could easily replace my phone in most situations.” (Bradford, 2012) Why would you even need a smart phone anymore if your watch could synchronize to your tablet and perform all the same functions as a phone?

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