How The India will Be At The End of 2017 Due To Digital India Mission

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Digital India is a programme set up by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi(Government of India).Many citizens have raised a question regarding what exactly this mission will do? Does it leads to success or failures?


Digital India is a basically collective effort of the indian government to connect the diverse rural communities to internet and provide them free access to basic online services.

Digital India is the initiative of the government of India to make it east to public have access to the government services.It aims that the government services made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork.The initiative also includes plan to connect rural areas with high speed internet services.

Global investors like Sunder Pichai,Satya Nadella,Elon Musk have supported Modi’s digital India Initiative.Microsoft CEO satya nadella intends to become indias partner in the digital india mission.He said that his company will setup low cost broad band technology services to 500000 villages across the country.Sunder pichai,Google CEO said that India will play a big part in driving technology forward in future which will improve peoples lives in india.Google will soon help india set up base for free WiFi at 500 railway stations.Apple CEO,Tim Cock responds positively for Prime Minister call for manufacturing base in india.Chipmaker,Qualcomm will invest $150 Million for India startups in the mobile and internet of everything Ecosystem.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed keen interest and wanted to use Tesla Motor Power wall technology which will store electricity in a battery for longer term.

Here is what the Government of India aims to achieve through Digital India Initiative

The mission has the three visions primarily

1.Infrastructure :

The digital India initiative has a vision to provide to provide high speed internet service to it’s citizen in all gram panchayats.Banks accounts will be given priority to individual level.People will be provide safe and secure cyber space in the country.

2.Governance and Services :

Government services will be available online where citizens will be ensured easy access to it.Transaction will be made easy through electronic medium.

3.Digital Empowerment of Citizens :

This is one of the most important factor of digital india initiative to provide universal digital literacy and make digital source easy accessible.The services also provided in active languages for active participation.

9 Major Projects under the initiative

1.Manufacturing of Electronics :  The Government is focusing on zero imports of Electronics.In order to achieve this,the government is aims to put up smart energy meters,micro ATM’s,mobile,consumer and medical Electronics.

2.Provide Public access to Internet : It aims to provide internet service to 2.5 Lakh villages which comprises of one in every panchayat by March 2017 and 1.5 Lakh post office in the next two years.These post offices will become multi-service centre for everyone.

3.Highways to have broadband services : Government aims to lay national optical fibre network in all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats.Broadband for the rural will be laid by December 2016 and for Urban will mandate communication infrastructure in new urban development and buildings.

4.Easy Access to Mobile Connectivity : The Government is taking steps to ensure by 2018 all villages are covered through mobile connectivity.The aim is to increase network penetration and cover gaps in all 44,000 villages.

5.e-Governance : The government aim is to improve process and delivery of services through e-Governance with UIDAI,payment gateway,EDI and Mobile platforms.School certificates,voter ID cards will be provided online.This aims for forster examinaton of data.

6.IT training for Jobs : The government aims to train 1 crore  students from small towns and villages for IT sector by 2020.Setting up of BPO sectors in North Easten part is also part of agenda.

7.e-Kranti :  This service aims to deliver electronic services to people which deals with health,education,farmers,justice,security and financial inclusion.

8.Global Information : Hosting data online and engaging social media platforms for governance is the aim of government.A Plotform for citizen engagament towards good governance in india is a website launched by the government for a 2 way communication between citizens and the government.People can send in their suggition and comments on various issues raised by the government.

9.Early Harvest Programme :  government plans to set up WiFi facilities in all universities across the country.Email will be maid the primary mode of communication.Aadhar enabled Biometric attendance system will be deployed in all central government offices where recording of attention will be made online.


Digital India will be the vast in scale and ambitious in its aim in true modi style.India’s top businessmen committed RS 4.5 lakh crores to build parts of the programme,expected to generate 18 Lakhs of Job.Modi hopes to reduce corruption in government services by making most of the available online. is a Tech blog which works for professonals.It brings technology related news from different parts of the world.It is a Global Technology Blog.It writes in different catogirize like gadgets,social media,tech news etc….

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