How To Protect You’r PC Against Virus and Malware

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In modern world the Internet become more and more integrated into our daily life.At the same time attacking the virus and malware on computer is also rapidly increasing.For that purpose get to know how to protect you’r PC or Laptop against viruses and Malware.

Use an anti malware software

There are many anti malware software in the market to protect our computer against virus and other malware.Installing anti malware apps or software protects you against from virus and other malware items.These apps scans fro viruses,spywares and other malware trying to get into you’r email,operating system or files.

Windows defender is free antimalware softwares for windows and you can update it automatically through windows update.

Not only this there are many software or apps in the market to protect you’r device.Downloading and installing them in the computer is better for you’r computer.Before downloading and installing them get to know about it clearly.


Attacking in the form of Email messages

Many viruses attack you in the from of email messages and file attachment.Don’t open the un familier email messages and files attachment emails.When you click on the link in the email message, there is no much time requires to spread the virus to all parts of the computer.So,better way to avoid or block their messages.

With the help of smart screen feature you can avoid it

If you’r using Internet explorer,make sure activating smartscreen feature in the computer.Smartscreen feature is nothing but protect you from fishing and malware attacks by warning you if a website or download location is has been reported as unsafe.This is one of the way of protection.

Use a Firewall

Here windows firewall is one of the best way among all.It notifies you if any suspesious activity or virus or malwares tries to connect you’r PC.It can also block viruses,warms and hacker.


Internet browser privacy setting

Some websites try to use you’r personal information for targeting advertising,fraud,and identy theft.In that case if you’r using Internet Explorear enable you’r privacy setting and restore the default setting whenever you want.

Clear you’r Browsing history and Internet cache

Most of the browser store information about the website you visit or information that you provide like name address etc,,,.while it can be helpful to have these details store on you’r PC.If you don’t know how to delete it take a look here Delete your browsing history.


Security checklist for windows

Use the all ways in you’r computer to protect against malwares and viruses.

1.Action Center

Check action center whether you ‘r firewall is on and anti malware software are up to date and you’r PC is set to install updates automatically.

2.Windows Defender

Use Windows Defender to help protect you’r PC against viruses,malwares,spywares and other unwanted softwares which are harmful.

3.User Account Control

Make user account control ask for permission before you’r PC install software or and open certain kinds of apps that could potentially harmful.

4.Windows Updates

Use windows updates to automatically download and install the latest updates of you’r PC.

5.Windows Firewall

Turn on Windows Firewall to prevent hackers and malicious software,such as virus accessing you’r PC through the Internet.


Update You’r Anti Virus Software

Antivirus software must be updates regularly to stay effective against new viruses.Max and Most anti virus software is designed automatically to update,but you can also update you’r software manually.

Windows doesn’t come with anti virus software but it can often detect and monitor anti virus software that was installed by you or you’r computer manufacturer.The status of you’r anti virus software are typically visible in you’r Action Center.

  • Open Action center go to control panel 
  • under that system and security,in that clicking review you’r computer status
  • click the arrow button next to security to expand the section
  • If windows can detect you’r antivirus software,It can be listed under Virus Protection
  • Finally click update now



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