How to get the stolen mobile Phone within 24 Hrs

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These are the steps you have to follow to get you’r android mobile back

  1. .Dial a *#06# from you’r mobile number
  2. You’r Mobile shows a unique 15 degit number
  3. Note down this number anywhere you want,this helps you to track you’r mobile
  4. Then mail this 15 degit number to
  5. No need to go to the Police Station
  6. You’r mobile will be traces with in next 24hrs via complex system of GPRS and Internet
  7. You’ll get where you’r Handset is being operated even in case you’r no is being changed



The details you have to sent



3.Phone Nodel


5.Last used number

6.Email for communication

7.Missed date

8.IMEI Number


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