What to do with you’r android device after fallen into the water

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Every body is maintaining the smart phones in today’s generation.No one can leave without their phone,wherever they go they needs it’s help in many different ways.Along with the technical problem there is alos a  major problem,when we drop our mobile in water,sink,Toilet Etc…. Many thinks that the phone doesn’t work after falling into the water.So,they decide to should buy a new mobile instead of this.

But that is not the solution,we have to also know how to manage our phone after fallen into the water.There is a way to manage the mobile after falling into the water.Follow the following points when you drop you’r mobile into the water to reaback it as a normal device.

  Remove the mobile as soon as possible

When you’r device gets fallen into the water bowl or sink during kitchen work,swimming pool,Toilets or in any other place.Remove the mobile as soon as possible to avoid socking of water into the tiny holes.If the mobile stays long time in water in the form of small bubbles the water droplets gets stuck inside the mobile and there may be away to damage you’r mobile soon.

Never try to switch on the phone

Use a hard towel or tissue paper to clean the mobile thoroughly and switch off the device if it is on.Upto the cleaning process gets complete keep in switch off  mode.Never try to switch on the phone because it may cause a short circuit in you’r phone.

Separate the Inner components from mobile

To dry up you’r phone quickly,Separate the hardware parts from the phone like Battery,SD Card and Sim to clean the water bubbles inside of the mobile.After  separating those components clean them also thoroughly.

Use Vacuum cleaner to clean the device

Use a Vacuum cleaner to dry  you’r phone instead of Hair dryer.If you use a hair drier the extraction of heat from it may damage internal parts of the phone.

Keep it in a Unboiled rice of ZIP containing bag

After cleaning the device insert the battery,SD Card and other components what you have removed out of it then keep in a unboiled rice in a zip containing bag to avid moister for two to three day’s. Upto here keep you’r mobile in switch off mode.

Check whether you’r Phone is working or not

Then after two to three days switch the phone on,If it in not on,charge it,if not charged the battery may gets damaged.Then take it to the technical department to repair it even though it is not happen you’r lost you’r mobile.In maximum level the phone works normal after these many cares taken..Also check the mobile speaker phone,display,communication and other feature what you have updated to you’r mobile.

These are the steps you have to do after fallen you’r mobile into the water.

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