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gharmar.com is a Tech Blog that provides you the best information on Technology.The blog is categorize with Tech News,Gadgets and Social Media.We are very enthusiastic to upload contents on these catogize.We upload the contents with perfect research.

Please join with us to integrate more on Technology.gharmar.com make best technology skillfull citizen.Our main Aim is to empower the every citizen with perfect and fact news on Technology,Innovations,Gadgets and Social media.gharmar.com not only works on Technology also involves in various research organisations to gather news for publishing.Also we work on that no citizen should miss any kind of regular news on Technology,Innovation,Space Technology,Gadgets and Social media.

The Blog is started on 25th september of 2016,working on various technology fields to cover news.It is a new plotform for every professional citizen to know about the Technology related news through the gharmar.com.gharmar cover news from all parts of the world.Right know it is the National(Indian) blog running allover the country,as soon as we planning to make it international blog.With a strong strategy we are moving forward for public.

gharmar.com is founded by Anand Naik in the month of september 2016 on 25th.Anand Naik is verymuch enthusiastic on technology,gadgets and social media.Graduated from Nation Institute of Technology in Computer Science and Department.



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